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Focus Areas

We Support Initiatives in the Following Focus Areas:

Education/Leadership Programs

Programs that work with students of all ages to become productive citizens and lead meaningful lives

Medical and Scientific Advancement

World-class institutions and programs that take a proactive approach to health and well-being.

North Texas Cultural and Social Entrepreneurship Organizations

Programs that foster creativity, conversation, collaboration and inclusion while addressing important community needs. 

Success Stories

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About The Hersh Foundation

Founded in 1997, The Hersh Foundation is a private family foundation located in North Texas. The Hersh Foundation is committed to enriching and improving the quality of life for all people by supporting organizations with demonstrable results in efforts that support our mission and focus areas.

  • Freedom Place at Old Parkland
    4143 Maple Avenue
    Suite 350
    Dallas, TX 75219
  • P: (972) 432-3868
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Mission and Focus

The mission of the Hersh Foundation is to support healthy communities with a focus on those in and around Dallas. We believe a healthy community needs:

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